First-Class Guttering Supplies in Keighley and West Yorkshire

Make sure all gutters are completed to the highest possible standard with quality products from Keighley Building Plastics & Drainage Centre Ltd. Backed by knowledge and experience, we stock guttering supplies in 4m lengths for customers throughout Keighley, West Yorkshire, and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for traditional plastic gutters or innovative wood-effect products for older properties, we’ve got something for every job. Get in touch today for further details.

Round Gutter

With dimensions of 114mm in width and 50mm in height, this traditional half-round gutter works for various applications. Tested on a 2.4m level run, this product provides a flow rate of 0.9l/s over an area of 43m2.

Square Gutter

Our classic square gutter design is suitable for larger roof areas. Dimensions are typically 117mm in width and 57mm in height. Across a 2.7m level run, the flow rate of this gutter is 1.6l/s over an area of 76m2.

Ogee Guttering

Ogee gutters provide excellent performance and stylish design for larger roofs. Gutter dimensions are 120mm wide by 70mm tall and using a level run of 3.4m, they have a flow rate of 2.2l/s over an area of 105m2.

TwinPlas Guttering

Ideal for older properties and barn conversions, this specialist guttering is used to replace old wooden gutter systems while providing the same aesthetic. We stock runs of 5 metres and all fittings and can also source various special orders, including:

Special order


  • Deep Gutters

  • Super Deep 170 Gutters

  • Cast Iron Effect Round Gutters

Gutter Fittings

We also offer a variety of fittings for gutters, including:


  • Fascia Brackets

  • Unions

  • 90d Corners

  • 135d Corners

  • Stop Ends

  • Running Outlets

  • Stop End Outlets

  • Hoppers

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Delivering Efficient Guttering Supplies

Our guttering supplies are suitable for a wide range of gutter replacements and upgrades.

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