Quality Starter and Joint Trims and Other Products in Keighley and West Yorkshire

Often, trims are needed to provide the perfect finish to a property. At Keighley Building Plastics & Drainage Centre Ltd, we stock a variety of starter trims, joint trims, and other products. At our company in Keighley, West Yorkshire, we have the products you need to suit all jobs. Get in touch with our friendly and professional suppliers today to discover more.

Rectangular and Square Blocks

Available in two sizes, these blocks are ideal for trimming around windows and doors. We stock the following sizes:


  • 13mm x 15mm

  • 20mm x 25mm

Edge Fillet

Suitable for trimming joints and gaps after fitting is complete, this 20mm profile is available in white, black, or anthracite grey.

DEE Mould

As the name suggests, both edges of this 25mm DEE mould are tapered to provide a soft finish to the joint. Colours include white, black, and anthracite grey.


Ideal for finishing any window or door frame, architrave trims have one flat edge and one tapered edge. Colours include white, black, and anthracite grey, and we stock the following sizes:


  • 45mm

  • 70mm

  • 95mm

  • 125mm (White)


We stock the following sizes:


  • 25x25mm

  • 23x65mm

  • 32x32mm

  • 40x40mm

  • 50x50mm

  • 80x80mm

  • 100x100mm

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Providing Versatile Trims

We stock starter trims, joint trims, and a variety of products for all types of projects.

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